12 Unusual Contemporary Tile Flooring Trends

If updating features of your home were one of your New Year’s resolutions, you need to take a look at some of the more unusual trends happening in floor tiles. Some of them are only approachable with an eclectic or acquired taste but are cool looking all the same. One is bound to captivate your imagination and get you thinking about all the what if’s for your floor. Relax, grab a quick cup of coffee and check out these 12 examples of stylish floor coverings.

Faux Wood Tile

Enjoy the rich color and pattern of natural wood with the easy-to-care-for benefits of tile. The longer length and shorter width plank tile used to create a faux wood floor look are not new but are increasingly in demand. Temperature, humidity, refinishing issues, and other care requirements for real wood floors have people looking for alternatives that last. You will not be disappointed when wood is the look you prefer.

Metallic Tile

Provide a little flash and pizzaz to a room by adding metallic looking tile. You can give any area the shimmer of silver, platinum, copper, bronze, or gold. There is also a multitude of other shades with the glint and shimmer of a metallic surface. Although this style will not likely be popular for the next few decades, it is a hot commodity at the moment. The look is pretty stunning and dramatic.

Unusual Tile Shapes

What may or may not end up a short-lived trend are artistically constructed floors using unusual shapes of tiles, such as hexagons, octagons, and anything your imagination can dream up. No two finished floors look the same. It is a perfect choice for the more eclectic in taste and presentation.

Subway Floor Tiles

The savvy urban dweller is familiar with the look of subway tiles in the more traditional backsplash configuration. It is now an in-demand shape for flooring with chic millennials. The subway style seems to work better in smaller tile areas like bathrooms and small kitchens, but the placement can work in any area of the home.

Herringbone and Chevron Patterns

The herringbone and chevron designs are ancient geometrical patterns that never seem to go out of style. Improved tile manufacturing methods make it easier to create beautiful floors using these age-old eye-pleasing configurations. The design is easy to see with any color tile chosen.

Brilliant Blue, White, and Aquamarine

One of the more stunning style to come under the radar is a mix of brilliant blue, white, and aquamarine. The nautical feel of this combination has been prevalent around pools but has now caught on in the home bathroom and kitchen areas. The resulting mix of color makes space appear larger and more vibrant.

Faux Marble and Granite

Marble and granite stone are two of the most popular choices in countertops and floor tiles, but the natural product is porous and easy to stain. Marble tends to get brittle and can crack easier as it ages. Faux marble and granite are famous for the realistic look and ability to avoid staining.

Brick-Look Tile

Brick flooring offers a definite European flavor to any room. It has characteristics that bring out the best in older, historic homes. Using a lighter colored floor tile with darker stained wood baseboards provides a sharp contrast that will bring many compliments.

Mock Fabric Tile

You will nearly shake your head in amazement when walking into a room that has mock fabric print floor tile. Your first instinct is to stoop down and run a hand along the surface to see if your eyes are playing a trick on you. They are. The feel is smooth, cool tile.

Mixed Length Tile

Staggering a mix of plank length tile ha sprung up in flooring patterns all across the country. The tendency is to stick with one uniform color, but the uneven pattern creates an entertaining diversion for the eyes. It is another way plank style tiles are gaining in popularity.

Complicated Pattern Design Tile

Intricate and complicated design patterns are the norm on many tile walls. Floors are now becoming the newest area to become creative with flowing designs and patterns that are stylish, inviting, and elegant. The mix of colors used provides complete sensory stimulation.

Gigantic Floor Tile

Wide planks are the perfect choice for those that want to worry less about grout. Gigantic floor tiles offer a look that is contemporary and youthful. It can open the space up and look more prominent than the actual dimensions. The trick here is to not go crazy on size. 24-inch width is a relatively comfortable range.

Tiles have a superior lasting capacity, unlike most flooring materials. Our experts at On The Spot Floors in Powhatan will help you find the perfect tile product that enhances the interior of your living space perfectly. We service the entire Richmond area. Stop in and see us today!

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