Many people are shocked to learn that you can do more good for the environment in making a greener floor covering choice than all of the efforts to recycle in a household for an entire year. It is due to the sheer volume of materials you will use in covering your floors. Below are a few greener products that provide beautiful results once installed in the home or office.

Recycled glass tiles
Recycled glass is one of the more expensive options in greener flooring products, but the results after installation are entirely transforming. All products are made with recycled bottles and glass products that would typically find their way to the landfill.

Recycled metal tiles
Waste brass, aluminum, and copper make the most attractive and flashy flooring tiles you are liable to see in a home or business setting. Te search for metallic substances causes the earth harm and continues to add to environmental problems. Using the scrap pieces to create a new product that is usable for years makes sense. Imagine the look of your kitchen with aluminum flooring tiles and stainless steel appliances. Decorate your entryway and hall floors with brass or copper tiles. You will end up with a one-of-a-kind result.

Natural fiber area rugs
Area rugs are a favorite way to cover and protect sensitive flooring. It is possible to go with greener options and still provide a beautiful decorative flair to any room. Use rugs constructed with natural fibers like jute, seagrass, wool, or alpaca hair. All are entirely biodegradable and do not emit any harmful chemicals to the room. The feel might not seem as soft, but the protective qualities for your underlying floor are strong.

Linoleum flooring
Linoleum flooring products are the most balanced nature has to offer. It is made from oxidized linseed oil pulled from the flax plant. When retire, the flooring can burn as fuel and produce as much energy as it took to make the product. That is true balance. The flooring can last upwards of 40 years. It is a durable product that withstands years of heavy use.

Cork flooring
Cork material might seem an unusual choice in flooring product, but it works nicely for areas with high traffic and as an added sound barrier. Hallways on upper levels of homes and apartments can benefit from the muffling of footsteps and movement. It also provides excellent insulation properties from heat and cold. Cork is gathered from the bark of cork oak trees. It regrows on the tree after harvesting. Some flooring products are made from recycled wine bottle stoppers.

Bamboo flooring
Bamboo flooring offers a look of wood, but it is derived from a temperate climate plant. The gentle, ambient glow gives the room a warm feeling, and the product is completely biodegradable. You do have to watch that the product you pick does not contain formaldehyde. Some brands use formaldehyde, which is toxic to breathe in over long periods of time.

Reduced toxicity carpeting
Many types of carpeting are made using man-made fibers that release chemicals into the air of your home or business. Once the carpet is removed and heads to the landfill, the chemicals contained within leach into the ground. Ask for carpeting that has reduced amounts of harmful chemicals in the fibers and the underside of the material. You can use a protectant spray for existing carpeting that will limit the number of chemical emissions.

Natural stone tiles
Stone tiles are made of a product that is naturally produced by the earth. It is highly unlikely to become an endangered resource anytime in the near future. Although it is inert as a waste product, it does require extra energy use to gather, mill and transport to market due to weight. It is considered a greener product, but the added requirements of production and shipping place them a little lower on the list than other flooring options.

Hardwood flooring
The forestry department has taken incredible steps to ensure replenishing of trees happens, making hardwood flooring a viable greener option. It is fully renewable and safe to use for interior floors. The varieties are numerous, and each one provides a completely different look.

Reclaimed wood flooring

Some of the most beautiful wood floor finished are enjoyed by those that spent the time seeking out reclaimed wood from old buildings. It offers the opportunity to enjoy rarer types of wood and cuts that are difficult to impossible to find now. Carefully source the wood from trusted people that can guarantee the surface was never treated with toxic chemicals.

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