Follow these ten tips to make your home safer and healthier every day.

1.Vacuum with a HEPA Filter
Using HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filters will prevent tiny particles of dust from being blown back into air while cleaning.

2.Change Your Vacuum Filter
Filter replacement is an essential part of keeping unwanted dust out of the air and extending the life of your vacuum cleaner. Change HEPA filters every six months, and other filters once they are showing wear and tear.

3.Change A/C Filters
Do not use your heating and cooling system without air filters, and change out the filters every three months.

4.Follow Your Nose
If you notice a musty smell in your home, find the source of the smell. Contact a professional regarding the situation. The sooner you find mold, the easier it will be to remove.

5.Remove Shoes Before Entering House
Wearing shoes indoors can increase allergens. Damp leaves can bring in mildew and pollutants from grass getting trapped on shoes. We recommend taking off your shoes outside, or put them in a tray near the door when you walk in.

6.Bathe Pets While Sharing Beds
Pet dander traps allergens, which means you’re bringing those allergens into your bed if you allow your pets to snuggle you at night. Be sure to bathe your pets once a week to reduce the number of allergens.

7.Reduce Your Home’s Temperature
Dust mites and mold love to live in warm climates. Consider reducing your home’s temperature to 70 degrees to keep them away.

8.Stay Away From Wallpaper in Bathrooms

Wallpaper may look appealing in bathrooms, but installing it in wet rooms (bathrooms and even kitchens) can increase the chances for mildew. Consider using tile or textured paint that is mold resistant.

9.Use the Kitchen Exhaust Fan
If you have a love for cooking, the steam from your stovetop can produce excess moisture. Be sure to turn the exhaust fan on to reduce moisture to help decrease the chance for mold to develop.

10.Bathmat Care
You step on your bathmat completely wet everyday. To keep it clean and fresh, hang it to dry after every use, and wash it once a week. This will help keep the mildew away from your feet after bathing.