Installing quality carpeting is an investment that you want to guard against wear, damage, and stains. At On the Spot Flooring, we understand the need to protect your carpeting investment and make it last. Below are 12 of the leading causes of carpet damage that can end up requiring complete replacement.

#1 Infrequent vacuuming

Dirt and debris can build up both on and in a carpet when it is vacuumed infrequently. Little pebbles and small debris carried in on shoes can increase the wear and tear on your carpet. You should always try and vacuum once a week, or more often if the foot traffic is heavy.

#2 Walking barefoot
Walking barefoot over your carpet might feel nice but it contains hidden dangers to the fibers. Natural oils and sweat on the skin can begin to degrade the material that comprises your carpeting. Take the time to choose a comfortable pair of slippers or socks to wear on your carpeted floors.

#3 Pet stains and odors
Puppies and older pets are prone to having accidents on the carpet. It can lead to unsightly stains and odors. Try placing puppy pads in areas they prefer to go to help save your carpet. Dab up any accidents right away. Try not to smear the liquid. It will spread and make the problem worse.

#4 Moisture or water damage
Frequent spills and plumbing leaks can spell disaster for carpeting. You can place fans in strategic areas, but mold might still begin to take hold deep under the carpet. You will end up with a mold remediation job that is somewhat pricey, depending on the extent of the damage. It might even require replacement of the carpeting.

#5 Constant steam cleaning
Many homeowners are excited to have access to home steam cleaners to clean carpet at any time. The problem with this is that a normal carpet really does not need a deep clean more than once a year. Steam cleaning every month, or so will create a ton of unnecessary stress on your carpeting.

#6 Paint and chemical spills
If you are planning to use any harsh chemicals, such as wood stain removers or paint, make sure the carpeting is well protected with a quality drop cloth. Paint and other types of chemicals can eat away at carpet fibers and end up costing you a complete replacement.

#7 Ignoring or chemically treating stains

Spills that cause stains are going to happen in most homes, at some point. Clean them as quickly as possible by using a gentle dishwashing liquid and warm water. Avoid over-the-counter carpet cleaning chemicals like the plague. Call in our carpet cleaning professionals for tough stains that seem stubborn.

#8 Insects and rodents
It is possible for your carpet to get chewed up extensively by certain types of insects and any type of rodent. Loose carpet fibers and bald spots are an indication there is a problem. Call in an exterminator if you can verify it is done by the work of insects or rodents.

#9 Cigarette or cigar burn holes

A smoker in your home can cost you a carpet or two if burn holes begin to add up. Not only is it a fire hazard, but it will also leave a pungent odor that is hard to remove. Try and limit smoking to areas of the home that are without carpeting, or smoke outdoors.

#10 Permanent stains

It is not uncommon for foods and drinks to get spilled that have the capability of causing permanent stains. Red wine, pomegranates, beets, and other foods are difficult to impossible to remove. Pen ink, laundry markers, and other liquids can also contribute to permanent stains.

#11 Ultraviolet light
Ultraviolet light from the sun can do a lot to begin breaking down your carpet fibers. It is also harsh on all of your interior furnishings. Add UV protection to your windows and try to keep drapes closed that are allowing direct sunlight through.

#12 Losing the initial stain protectant coating
Most quality carpeting comes with a protective coating that prevents a certain level of staining and damage. Over the course of months, it will begin to wear away from foot traffic. We are happy to add a protective coating to your carpets that allow for the same level of protection as the day it was installed.

Call our carpeting experts at On the Spot Floors to find out more about carpeting care and schedule an appointment for a deep carpet clean. We are happy to show you a variety of available carpeting in our showroom in Powhatan. We sell, install, repair, and clean carpeting throughout the Richmond area.