Carpet care and maintenance is an important step in extending the life of your new carpet. On the Spot Floors, Linda Bilger discusses three important steps in ensuring your new carpet looks, feels, and stays fresh, clean, and vibrant in this article.

Preventative carpet care
Preventative maintenance is the first step in great carpet maintenance. Homeowners want to prevent as much soil and dirty liquid from getting inside and on their carpet, as possible. An excellent beginning to your preventative maintenance is investing in walk-off mats for outside and inside your entrance and exit doorways. This will absorb any dirt or liquid that may be in our shoes. Clean your outside mats often so they will not become sources of dirt themselves. Also, removing your shoes before walking inside your home is also the discipline to keep away dirt from your carpets. Invest in quality carpet padding. A good quality carpet pad will allow more resilience and will extend the life of your carpet. Linda Bilger, of On the Spot Floors, says it’s better to buy average weight carpet and a heavy carpet pad, then to buy heavy, expensive carpet, and go cheap on the carpet padding. Moving your furniture on a regular basis is another good preventative procedure in keeping your carpet healthy. This prevents crushing of your carpet pile. It also keeps your rooms looking fresh and updated.

Regular carpet cleaning extends carpet life
Vacuuming on a regular basis is the best way to care for your carpet and extend its life. Depending on the size of your household and the number of pets in your home, you should vacuum up to three or four times per week. This removes soil and dust so they do not embed into the carpet fibers. Embedded soil and dirt will deteriorate the fibers causing premature break down of the carpet. Spot cleaning high traffic areas is another important part of carpet maintenance. Linda recommends using a high quality commercial spot cleaner on spills as fast as you can to avoid creating permanent stains. High traffic areas can also create soil buildup between routine vacuuming, so regular cleaning is recommended.

Carpet care for the long term
Professional carpet cleaning at least every 12 to 18 months should be done by every homeowner. Cleaning even more often for homes with more pets and more people. Hot water extraction method is recommended by some manufacturers, so check with your carpet manufacturer to get the best outcome. If using hot water extraction, make sure after they clean they reapply a fluorocarbon, as they’ll remove this finish in that process. Also, you should have scotch guard applied when you get the carpet cleaned to retard soil and spots from becoming permanent stains. On the Spot Floors specializes in professional carpet cleaning, scotch guard protection, and upholstery cleaning. Contact us today to schedule your appointment at 804.897.1620 or

Immediate, regular, and long-term cleaning will help the look, feel, and life of your carpets. While new flooring innovations keep developing, they cannot outlast the benefits from you taking care of your carpet by the tips above.