Trying to juggle a busy schedule and make time for carpet cleaning is a struggle for many working families. If it has been some time since your last cleaning, you are probably dealing with a few unsightly stains. Below are a few ways you can spot clean or hide the stains to get by until professional cleaners arrive to save the day.

Hoy, soapy water and scrub brush
You should always try the most straightforward methods possible first to lessen a carpet stain. The easiest way to use is basic hot water with a gentle dish soap mixed to a sudsy consistency. Apply the mixture with a rag and use a soft-bristled scrub brush to work at the stain. Rinse the spot with clear water and let it air dry. Try this on every visible spot that sticks out for an improved look.

Vinegar and baking powder
The mix of vinegar and baking powder will not have the same reaction as vinegar and baking soda. Use baking powder for this chore. Use the same soft-bristled brush to scrub the stained area. Wipe with a rag dampened with clear water and allow the spots to air dry. It should minimize the tougher stains.

Damp towel and iron trick
Fire up a clothes iron that has steam action. Put a damp cloth over the area and run the hot iron over the spots. Release steam and repeat until most of the stain transfers to the cloth. Avoid walking in these areas until it is completely dry. As a precaution, you need to try these cleaning methods on an inconspicuous area of carpet before the stain to ensure it will not hurt the carpeting. Keep children and pets away from the iron to avoid accidental burns.

Strategically placed potted plant
Adding a potted plant is a way to beautify the room and disguise an ugly stain on the carpet. You can get one as close to the size needed as possible, or settle for two or three smaller ones staged nearby. All eyes will be drawn to your beautiful plants rather than the carpet stain. It may not work if you have multiple stains, but you can hide the worst one.

Area rugs
Area rugs come in nearly color combination and size. It is an easy way to cover larger areas of serious carpet stain. It works in any room, and no one would ever guess stains are lurking beneath the beautiful patterns and texture. Add hallway runners to areas of heavy traffic that are soiled. You may like them so much that they become a regular part of the decor.

Rearrange furniture
Depending on the location of the stain in the room, you might get away with a slight movement of furniture to hide the stained carpet. For heavy staining, it may require a reshuffle of the room. The most challenging part about this maneuver is moving the furniture again on cleaning day. It will at least make you feel better at the time without the stains being visible for all to see.

Box up donation items
There is no better time to go around the house and begin sorting out items for donation. Place the boxes directly over the carpet stains. No one will know that the boxes are disguising carpet stains. Place an easy-to-read sign stating it is donations. You want to avoid people thinking you love to have to have clutter around. No one will know except your immediate family what is hiding beneath the box. You can also place items such as a laundry basket with clean, folded clothes stacked neatly. Clean laundry trumps carpet stains any day of the week.

Make the room off limits to guests

You can keep guests out of areas of the home with carpet stains without making it obvious. If someone calls and expresses that they are coming over, tell them to go to the back door because you have work to do in the kitchen. Or you can say to them you are trying to lessen traffic in the living room, so everyone uses the back door now. It sounds reasonable, and you can visit without the stress and worry.

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