Many people are hesitant about purchasing and installing hardwood floors due to the myth of the difficulty in caring and maintaining the surface. Engineered wood flooring is a material that is durable and less affected by things like humidity and temperature. Below are a few facts about this type of flooring that can help you make the decision as to whether it is the right product for you.

What is engineered wood flooring?

Wood flooring products that are engineered are created using a layer of real hardwood and layers of wood fibers mixed with a resin material. The completed look of installed engineered wood flooring is similar to that of a 100 percent hardwood plank floor. Walking over the floor offers the same feel of natural hardwood or laminate.

Does engineered wood flooring last as long as traditional hardwood?
Proper care and maintenance of all types of wood flooring will help them last a long time. Engineered wood flooring is less affected by temperature and humidity. It is not as prone to warping, which means you might actually get more use out of the engineered product than standard hardwood plank flooring.

How is engineered wood flooring made?
Engineered wood flooring is a combination of natural wood and a created base that mixes wood and resin. The mixed wood and resin provide a durable base that a thin layer of hardwood rests on top, giving the outward impression it is a complete hardwood flooring plank when installed. The wood fibers mixed with resin are placed together in layers. Each layer will run the wood fiber perpendicular to the previous. It gives this flooring material a great deal of added strength.

Trendy type of engineered wood flooring planks
The surface wood used in engineered wood flooring can be sourced from a large variety. You can choose from oak, ash, maple, hickory, and more. Everything is available from standard wood species to more exotic types like Brazilian oak. The market for engineered wood flooring tends to follow current trends in wood plank materials. You can find selections like

Distressed Wood Flooring
The social drive for recycling products has brought new life to a trend in wood flooring that was popular back in the 1970’s. You can typically find all levels of distressed engineered wood product.

Hand Scraped
In centuries past, wood flooring was all milled using hand tools. The marks left behind on the surface of the wood were considered badges of honor for the homeowner.

Wide Plank
Wood flooring in years past used wide planks due to the large proliferation and availability of huge trees that could be easily milled. Engineered wood offers the advantage of using fewer materials to create wide planks.

Exotic Wood
You do not have to settle for the same old selections of hardwood with engineered varieties. You can pick from sakura, teak, tigerwood, Brazilian cherry or oak, and many other types.

Engineered wood and humidity 
One great thing about engineered wood flooring is the ability to place it in areas that are prone to higher humidity levels. Since the thin layer of natural hardwood is glued to the surface of the resin/wood blend, you have fewer instances of warping and damage from moisture in the air. You can finally ditch the dehumidifier.

Engineered wood flooring and subflooring
Engineered wood flooring allows you to show off a nice, natural looking wood floor without the hassles of typical installation. You can place this product directly over your existing flooring, nail it down to standard subflooring, or glue it directly to surfaces like concrete. It provides ultimate flexibility in where to place a wood floor in your home.

Caring for your new engineered wood floor
Cleaning and maintaining your new engineered wood floor is simple and straightforward. Much like any wood floor, you want to avoid spilling liquids as the wood layer can stain. Clean up any liquid spills immediately. A regular sweep and damp mop are all you need to keep your floor looking great. Use cleaning products that are designed for wood floor surfaces.

Refinishing an engineered wood floor
Another terrific benefit of engineered wood flooring is the ability to refinish the surface two to three times over the lifetime of the product. It means that your floor will look good for decades.

Should I "Glue or Float" the engineered wood floor?
If you do not want to incur the time and expense of removing your current flooring, you can have the engineered wood floor installed using the “float” method like laminate. All planks are created with a tongue-and-groove design that allows for easy normal installation on a wood subfloor. You should have the engineered product glued in place for surfaces like concrete and tile for added stability.

Enjoying the benefits of an engineered wood floor
After making a careful selection to ensure you get the type of wood and plank you desire, the finished installation will look remarkably similar to a standard wood plank floor. You can enjoy all of the benefits and beauty of one complete product.

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