It is fall in Richmond again, and we are all getting ready for school to begin! We also have the approaching holiday season to worry about, and cleaning is on the top of that worry list. Below are helpful fall cleaning tips to help you solve those most common cleaning chores.

Clean Slipcovers and Curtains
Check your slipcovers and curtains carefully, especially if you have never cleaned them before. If you are not sure, check with the manufacturer or to be safe use a dry cleaner.

Deep-clean Your Kid’s Rooms
Get the kids involved by having them dust the floor with dusting mitts on their feet, or let them spray gentle cleaning spray. Move furniture to clean where the biggest amount of dirt hides, and tidy up toys and clothes.

Organize Your Book Collection
Fall and winter are perfect times to curl up with a good book and a cup of coffee or hot chocolate. Make some additional room on your shelves for new books by removing books you don’t love or know you won’t read again. While you’re organizing, use a duster to swipe the shelves and spines.

Clean Kitchen Cupboards, Walls and Appliances
Cooking grease can build up over time. Use a warm, wrung-out microfiber cloth to wipe down everything from top to bottom. Avoid damaging finishes by starting with water and then add gentle cleanser for harder messes.

Replace Cleaning Tools
Have you ever checked your scrub brushes or cleaning tools? Replace any bedraggled bristles, and fill in any gaps in your cleaning inventory. Having the right cleaning tools and inventory will make your cleaning work easier and more pleasant to conquer.

Organize Your Papers
We all have mail stacked up and paperwork can pile up. Make time to go through it all. Shred any confidential, personal documents before recycling them and file important records. Consider purchasing a small file box to keep near the front door for easy filing for mail and other paperwork.

Clean Your Carpets and Floors
Use this fall to have your carpets and floors professional cleaned and treated. Assess the condition of your wood floors, and have them recoated or refinished if it’s time. The refreshed carpets and shine of your hardwood floors will spruce up your home’s living space for the increased time you will be spending in your home during the winter months.

Tidy Up Your Outdoors
Use the nice, cool weather of the fall to clean up the summer of gardening and activities left over mess. Clean beach toys and gear before storing them. Make sure to find a sheltered area to store your gardening tools and supplies so they will be reusable in the spring.