Carpeting is one of the most affordable flooring materials available. It’s enjoyed by both humans and pets alike, which can be a mixed blessing. As much as people love their pets, the ability to keep carpeting stain and pet odor-free can be a struggle. Below are a few suggestions to help alleviate the stress and make it easier for carpets and pets to safely coexist.

Incorporate "Safe Zones" for puppies and non-potty trained dogs
Potty training for puppies and adult dogs can take time. Through a lot of care and positive reinforcement, it eventually makes it easier to allow your dogs to free-roam the home. Keep an area cordoned off that is easier to clean than carpeting for times you will not be able to supervise dogs that have not fully-developed skills in outside bathroom trips. Add some soft rugs that are easy to toss in the washer so that they are not having to wait for your return on a hard floor. Place puppy pads in spots they seem to favor using as a restroom and it makes it even easier to clean up.

Add a doggie door
Pets don’t always choose to go outside at the most convenient times for their humans. Adding a doggie door is a way to make it easy for your dog or cat to access the outdoors and come back in when the weather is bad. It’s the perfect solution for people that work long hours and don’t want their pets to have to endure inclement weather the entire time they are gone. You’ll find that the odds of finding a pet accident are far less than before installing the door.

Clean cat litter boxes daily
Cats are wonderful pets and remarkable individual thinkers. One reason it’s wise to clear out their litter box daily is that what might seem okay to you might seem like a full box to them. As a result, you will begin to find cat messes in places like laundry baskets and the corners of carpeted rooms. It can and will begin to leave stains and odors behind that are difficult to manage. It’s worth taking a moment out of your day and use the scoop.

Bring in fresh air
Open the windows every now and again to bring large amounts of fresh air through your home. The carpet can begin to absorb the odors in the air and lead to an overwhelming smell of people and pets. Good old-fashioned airing out of the home can do more than any odor masking fragranced product. Frequent vacuuming up of pet hair, washing rugs, and pet bedding is another way to minimize odors that can settle in and on the carpeting.

Keep a clean filter in your HVAC system
The cleaner you keep the air, the cleaner the carpet will stay. Pet dander and hair or accidents on the carpet are what account for a majority of harsh pet odors. Station a portable air cleaner in rooms that are regularly visited by your pets. Maintain a clean air filter in your HVAC unit. You’ll need to check and change them more regularly when you have pets.

Brush your pets fur outdoors
Spring and summer are two seasons that can have your dogs and cats shedding hair in large amounts. Regular brushing will help eliminate much of ending up on your furniture and carpeting. Begin a routine of regular brushing of your dogs or cats outdoors, which will eliminate the need for indoor cleanup.

Spot clean pet accidents right away
Accidents will happen now and again. It’s the nature of life with pets. Spot cleaning the carpet as soon as possible is the best way to handle the problem at the moment. Use gentle cleaning with mild soap and warm water. You can mix a teaspoon of baking soda in the mix to help with the odor.

Dry your pet when they come in from rain or snow
Rainy and snowy days present another problem with pet odor that can be transferred to your carpet. Dripping water can land on the carpeting, the animal can spread the water by shaking, or they might rub themselves on the surface of the carpet in an attempt to dry their fur. Keep a towel handy to dry your pets when they come indoors and avoid the pungent smell of wet fur.

Invest in professional carpet cleaning
Seeking professional carpet cleaning once each year will help eliminate both pet stains and odors that try and linger. Our carpet cleaning specialists know what cleaners to use and the methods most effective for lifting pet stains and odors, leaving you with a fresh smelling and looking result.

You don’t have to trade your love of carpeting to include pets in your family. You can call us at (804)897-1620 in the Richmond area and schedule an appointment for On the Spot Floors to come out and clean your carpeting. We welcome you to our showroom in Powhatan to check out our wide variety of quality flooring products. We’re happy to help you find the perfect selections for your home.