Wood flooring is a popular product in many homes, but the finicky nature and amount of care it requires is a huge turnoff to those that would otherwise enjoy the overall looks. It is possible to enjoy the look and feel of a quality wood floor with a product that is not as sensitive and is considered more stable around moisture and pets. Created tile planks that imitate the looks of a variety of wood types and grains might be the solution you are looking for in a faux wood floor.

Tile floor planks
The surprising thing about using tile that has the look and texture of real wood is that it is hard to distinguish from actual wood flooring. Unless you take off your shoes and walk on the surface barefoot, most people will think it is natural wood grain flooring. Rather than having the tiles in traditional squares, they are created and cut in longer lengths to give the impression of a wood floor once installed. The planks are placed so close together that it is difficult to see the grout lines.

Mimic your favorite wood species and grain
The surface of the tiles is detailed with the look and texture of wood. The colors vary, but it allows you the opportunity to purchase everything from traditional oak and maple to distressed or unusual color combinations. You end up with a contemporary style that is often difficult to duplicate with natural wood flooring.

Complete selection of plank sizes

Imitation wood flooring is most often made from porcelain tile. The tiles can e manufactured in long, thin lengths, or you can opt for the popular wider plank styles. It is simple for the manufacturers to create wide planks, which can often prove more difficult to find with real wood flooring products. The plank lengths are varied as they are installed, offering the same look as using real wood planks.

Increased moisture protection
Tile is inarguably easier to keep protected from moisture. You have a little more time to clean up accidental spills with tile rather than wood. Wood can immediately begin soaking up liquid that leads to stains, wood warping, and the need for plank replacement. You do need to clean up spills as soon as possible since liquids can still access the floor underlayment through the porous grout material. It can cause wood damage and flooring weakness over time.

Pet-friendly flooring
Tile is generally considered one of the best flooring choices for pets. Nails can damage delicate natural wood flooring planks. Tile planks are impervious to the potentially damaging nature of nails. It is not such an emergency situation if your pet has an occasional accident on the surface. You will need to place areas with rugs and pet beds to give animals a break from the hard surface.

Perfect for areas without room for plywood underlayment
Making the decision to install a wood floor can end up an impossibility if there is not enough room to place underlayment material. Plywood or OSB board might raise the floor level to a point that it interferes with doors opening and closing. Tile requires no underlayment if there is no room. It is an option that allows you to have the look of wood flooring when the real deal is not going to work.

Install directly over concrete
Another huge benefit of tile imitation wood flooring planks is the ability to install them directly on a concrete surface. It saves time, money and expands the areas the product can be used. It is the perfect solution for remodeling an unfinished basement space or converting a garage into a bedroom.

No worries of warping or wood rot
The delicate nature of natural wood flooring planks makes it a necessity to acclimate the wood to the humidity levels in your home before installation. Humidity levels are always a concern to avoid warping of the wood. It is not a problem or concern with tile flooring planks. You can bring them into your home and immediately install the floor.

No refinishing required 
Wood flooring will have to undergo the tedious process of refinishing every few years. One advantage to refinishing is the ability to change colors. As long as you are satisfied with your initial choice in color and wood grain, your tile plank imitation wood flooring will only need repairing if the planks are broken. The benefits of saving time and periodic expense make this a tempting product to use.

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