How to Keep Your Natural Stone Tile Floors Sparkling Clean

Beyond the small protective measures you need to take to reduce the risk of stains and scratches, natural stone tile flooring is one of the easiest types to clean and maintain. Below are a few tips on how to keep this surface looking new for years to come.

Dust Mop the Floors Often

Dust mopping requires little more than a soft mop and a little water. It is a great way to freshen the floor up on a daily basis. You should do this task at least three times each week. It will limit the amount of dirt that sticks to the surface and gets ground into areas that have hairline cracks.

Use Stone Soap or Mild Soap for Deeper Cleaning

When using stone soap, follow the directions for the perfect mixture, Each brand can offer a different measurement. Use a tablespoon of mild liquid soap with a gallon of water. Use a soft sponge or string mop to scrub the entire floor clean. You will have to go over heavy traffic areas twice for a good clean. Use a soft terry-cloth rag for the edges and any baseboards. It should have a thorough mop cleaning once a week. You can premix some of the cleaning solutions and place it in a spray bottle for spot mopping during the week.

Rinse Well with Clear Water

After satisfactorily scrubbing the tile floors with the soap and water mixture, repeat the scrubbing process using nothing but clear water. Change the water frequently to avoid a soap film clouding the looks of the tile surface. Place fans at floor level and allow the floor to completely dry before walking on the surface or placing rugs down.

Never Use Bleach, Harsh Chemicals, or Abrasive Cleansers on Stone Tile

Harsh chemicals like bleach, ammonia, and bathroom cleaners can permanently stain your tile floor. Powdered abrasive cleansers are like sandpaper to the sensitive surface of your stone tile floor. You will end up with scratches and a permanent dullness to the surface.

Never Use Cleaners with Citrus Additive

You may prefer the pleasant smell of citrus cleaners, but it is not a product to use on natural stone tile flooring. The citrus contains acid which will pit the surface of the stone. Each time it is applied it does damage. The problem will worsen over time and force a replacement of the tiles at some point in the future. You will reduce the lifespan of your stone tile floor.

Place Rugs In High-Traffic Areas

You can cut your floor tile cleaning chore down by a measurable amount merely placing area rugs and hallway runners over high-traffic areas. The carpets will grab onto the dirt that gets brought in on shoes. All you have to do is take the rug outdoors each week and shake out the dust. You will physically see how much work you saved in scrubbing it off the tile floors.

Place Rugs In Areas with Food and Drinks

Kitchens and dining rooms will have food and drinks available at some point during the day or evening. It is where you and the family fixes and eats meals. It is also the prime spot for drink spills and dropped food items. Natural stone tile flooring might look nice in these locations, but you need to go the extra mile to protect the surface from stains and reduce your cleaning workload. Cover the tile in these areas with thin rugs that are easy to toss in the washer and clean. The carpets will catch much of the spills, and you can just throw the rug in the washer and call it a day.

Clean Spills Immediately

When major spills of food and drink happen, clean them up immediately. Use a damp microfiber cloth with a small dot of mild soap on it and scrub the area until the food or drink spot begins to lift. Repeat as often as needed until you begin to see results. If a stain is left behind you will need to hire a professional service to come and clean it out.

Replace Broken Tiles and Seal the Surface

Broken stone tiles provide an area that is defenseless against the infiltration of moisture, dirt, and stains. Have all broken tiles replaced. Hire stone tile experts to apply a sealant to protect the flooring at manufacturer recommended intervals. If you are unsure of the schedule, the tile professionals will know the recommendations for your particular type of stone.

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