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Solid versus engineered wood flooring

Solid hardwood is considered by many homeowners to be the first choice in flooring. Constructed from one solid piece of 100% hardwood, it's known for its durability, beauty and timelessness. It is available in Oak, Maple and Hickory, the species that are hardest and most resistant to wear. Solid wood comes in a variety of widths up to 5″ and a number of colors that enable you to bring your own personal style to your space.

Engineered hardwood is made of layers with 100% natural wood on top, wood on the bottom, and a highly stable core in the middle. The core is made of multiple layers of plywood, pressed together in a crisscrossed pattern. It's what makes engineered hardwood less likely to shift, expand or contract when exposed to moisture and humidity. Engineered hardwood is less expensive than solid wood and can be installed with several methods: glued, stapled or as a floating floor. It offers many of the same designs as solid but also can be made in extra-wide planks options.

Engineered hardwood can go in the same areas as solid hardwood, but its construction also makes it a great choice for basements (concrete floors) and over radiant heating. Because engineered flooring is thinner than solid hardwood, it can also be good for projects where your hardwood needs to match the height of an adjoining floor or work within a thin space beneath kitchen appliances.

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