How to Remove Stains and Clean a No-Wax Linoleum Floor

No-wax linoleum flooring has been a popular product for decades due to the lower cost and less-demanding care involved. It is considered highly-durable, but it can become shabby looking when ground-in dirt and stains begin to accumulate on the surface. Below is a complete guide to making the cleaning process easier and offers brilliant results.

The Basics of a General Cleaning

Most linoleum flooring is placed in areas like kitchens, bathrooms, utility rooms, and laundry areas. Keeping this surface fresh and clean begins with regular sweeping. Daily sweeping is the better way to keep debris and dirt off the floor, which reduces the amount of ground-in stains that develop. One teaspoon of mild liquid detergent mixed with a gallon of warm water is the most gentle cleaner you can use for frequent mopping. Allow the floor to dry and mop the surface with clear, warm water. It will stay remarkably clean with little effort.

White Vinegar Stain Removal

Areas that are beginning to show dirt stains are due to heavy foot traffic. It can prove difficult to impossible to remove this ground-in dirt through standard mopping. Rather than spending hours of your busy day trying to muscle these stains away, try mixing a cup of vinegar with the juice of a half of a lemon. The lemon juice will help minimize the odor of the vinegar. Use a gentle scrubbing cloth to apply the vinegar mix and allow it to sit for a few minutes. Begin scrubbing and you will see the dirt begin to come off. Mop the area with clean, warm water afterward to remove the vinegar mix.

Baking Soda Stain Removal

Tougher stains from foods like spaghetti sauce and certain fruits require a stronger cleaning method. You can remove these stains without wearing yourself out with scrubbing and the use of harsh chemicals. Mix a half-cup of white vinegar and a half-cup of water. Wipe the stained area with this mixture. Sprinkle the top with a fine layer of baking soda. Allow this to sit on the stained area for about 15-minutes. Use a gentle scrubber to clean this area. Rinse with clear, warm water.

Using the Right Tools

Having the right equipment and tools on hand will make cleaning and stain removal for your no-wax linoleum floor easier. White cotton cleaning rags are a great way to see if you are actually getting the dirt and stains up from the surface of heavily soiled areas. Use any type of mop that is easiest for you but try and find one that offers a strip of scrubbing material that is safe for a linoleum surface. A soft scrub sponge is perfect for smaller areas that are easier to clean by hand. Purchasing a bucket that wrings out a string mop or a sponge mop with a wring-action device attached will prove extremely helpful for larger floor areas.

The Importance of Spot Mopping

Complete cleaning of your linoleum floors should only have to be done once every week or two, depending on the amount of foot traffic in your home. Cleaning spills and dropped food right away will help you avoid this chore for longer periods of time. A simple damp mopping in high-traffic areas every day or two will also lengthen the time between major cleaning. Spending 15 or 20-minutes every day or two will save you hours when the floor begins to look dirty.

Applying After-Market Wax Products

It is not a great idea to frequently coat after-market wax products on your linoleum floor. It will begin to build up and cause the floor to begin turning a yellowish color. If you do plan to use a product that provides a shiny coat, only apply this product every few weeks. Strip the old layer completely off using a cup of white vinegar in your regular cleaning mixture before applying a new coat. It will help maintain the normal color and condition of your linoleum flooring.

The Benefits of Professional Cleaning

Hiring a professional cleaning service like the one provided by On the Spot Flooring is one way to remove heavy soil and stains on your linoleum floors. We offer cleaning methods that are safe for your floor, the environment, and your family. It will help your floor look great for years.

Call us at On the Spot Floors at 804-897-1620 to find out more about our professional floor cleaning services for your linoleum flooring. Come into our showroom in Powhatan and view our selection of contemporary flooring products if you are looking for an affordable change. We offer sales, service, and installation of quality flooring products anywhere in the Richmond and surrounding area.

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