Maintaining & Cleaning Tile Floors

After installing tile flooring, maintenance is an important part of keeping them clean and looking brand new.


1.On a regular basis, homeowners should sweep floors to remove dirt. This is especially critical to the upkeep of textured floor tiles or crevices that collect the most dirt and grime.

Rags & Soft Sponges

2.If a spill occurs, clean it up quickly to avoid having the stain set in your grout or tile. Homeowners should always use rags or soft sponges to clean up spills. Harder elements like steel wool or other abrasive cleaning pads will scratch your tile.

Floor Mats

3.Use floor mats over areas that get the most traction. Shake the mats outside on a regular basis to remove excess dirt.


4.Mopping your porcelain or ceramic tile floors at least once a week with an all-purpose cleaner will ensure dirt is removed. Tip-use a small amount of water on your floor before mopping. This will allow your floor cleaner to work longer and you’ll spend less on cleaning supplies.

Grout Cleaning Brush

5.If you have textured tile or heavy stains on your floor, especially around the grout, consider using a grout cleaning brush. The grout between your tiles is porous which makes stains easier to absorb into the material if they are not cleaned properly. Tip-avoid bleach or ammonia based cleaners. These can discolor your grout if they are used too often.

If these tips do not entirely get your tile floor clean and a professional cleaning is necessary, call On the Spot Floors for all your flooring needs at 804.897.1620.

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