Successfully Staging Your Home Starts from the Floor Up

In today’s real estate market, it pays to show your home to its very best advantage for a rapid, smooth and profitable sale. According to the 2017 Profile of Home Staging published by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), staging your home in a way that encourages prospective buyers to envision themselves living there can potentially shorten the length of time that your home is on the market and increase the the dollar amount offered on the transaction. An essential part of proper staging is the cleaning and care floors. Since the decision-making process can literally hinge on those first few steps inside your door, make sure you understand what buyers hope to see when they tour your home.

Your Floors: Deal Maker or Deal Breaker?

Eighty-one percent of realtors polled for the NAR survey said that sellers should have their floors professionally cleaned prior to showing. Once cleaned, you can ensure that your floors retain their crisp appearance by taking a few simple actions:

Spot-clean high traffic areas daily.

If you are still living in your home while it is on the market, keeping your floors clean in between showings prevents build-up of dirt and eliminates those mad cleaning scrambles that can happen if a buyer asks to see your home on short notice. Simply taking a few moments to vacuum trouble spots on the carpet or sweeping and mopping heavily-trafficked tile or wood areas each day means your home stays presentable with minimal fuss.

Be sensitive to pet stains, odors and dander.

Some realtors recommend removing pets from your home entirely while it is on the market. While this is not always practical, remember that pets are the source of some of the most challenging stains and odors homeowners face. People who own pets tend to get used to their scent in the home, whereas potential buyers will pick up on this immediately. In addition, pet dander can cause allergic reactions in some people, increasing the importance of professional floor cleaning along with the daily maintenance you can provide. The technicians who clean your floors can offer great information on how to best keep your rugs and carpets free from pet stains and odors between cleanings, so don’t hesitate to ask for their advice.

Deal with spills and tracked-in soil immediately.

In the course of a busy day, a minor spill in the den or footprints near the back door might routinely wait to be addressed until a more general cleaning takes place. Whenever practical, however, you should deal with these small nuisances right away to prevent them from setting in or being tracked around the house.

Don’t overlook the importance of carpets runners and area rugs.

Floors in the parts of your home that see the heaviest use can benefit from the protection of rugs and carpet runners. If you already use these items throughout the house, don’t forget that they will need to be professionally cleaned along with the rest of the floors. Keep them looking and smelling their best after cleaning by implementing the same daily and weekly maintenance that you employ on the permanent flooring. If you don’t currently have these items, or if you only use them sparingly, consider adding some around your home to take the load off of hard-used carpet, wood or tile. If you have rugs that have seen better days, replace them prior to showing your home. In addition to helping keep floors clean and in good condition, carpet runners and rugs can enhance your home’s decor by highlighting the overall theme or adding interest to bare areas.

Deodorize, but don’t overwhelm.

Buyers will appreciate walking into a home that is clean and fresh smelling, but covering odors with perfumes or chemicals is not a winning strategy. Having your floors cleaned by technicians who use methods and products that truly eliminate the sources of odors instead of trying to hide them ensures that potential buyers will remember the important features of your home instead of how it smelled.

Preparing your home for today’s tough real estate market means attention to detail when staging it to your best advantage. Buyers understand the concept of homes that are lived in, but few people will overlook failures in the treatment and presentation of something as basic as flooring. By doing potential buyers the courtesy of ensuring that your home is at its neat and presentable best, you not only enhance your chances of a quick sale, but you might find yourself on the happy side of the bargain when you get top dollar for the small investments of professional cleaning and personal daily maintenance.

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