Tips for Winterizing Your Mudroom

Preparing your home’s mudroom is one of the best ways to keep your floors clean this winter. Snowy boots, muddy shoes, and cleaning hassles that come up with this season’s winter weather can damage your home’s floors. Organizing and preparing your mudroom can help you keep snow and mud off your home’s floor, as well offer you convenient access to much needed cleaning supplies.

Top Tips to Making Your Home’s Mudroom Ready for Winter Season:

1. Install storage bins so that you can keep track of winter hats, gloves, scarfs, and other winter clothing. Storage bins made of wood are available for purchase, but milk crates could work just as well. Make sure that the bins have access to free flowing air and heat so that wet clothing can dry quickly.

2. Place doormats on both sides of your mudroom’s door. A bristled mat placed outside of the mudroom can help remove mud and ice from the bottoms of boots and shoes, while a non-absorbent plastic mat on the inside of the mudroom can give you a place to dry your wet shoes where water will not pool onto your wood floors causing damage.

3. Store mops, a broom and cleaning supplies in your mudroom so that when your floor is dirty you can quickly clean it. Access to a broom can encourage you to sweep your floors daily, which can reduce the amount of dirt and dust that enters your home. Mopping melted snow from your floors quickly can also help prevent water damage to your wood and laminate floors.

4. Hang extra coat hooks in your mudroom and purchase a boot rack for winter footwear. Keeping coats and wet books off of your floors can help keep your mudroom organized, which means it will be easier to clean and easier to find things you are looking for during the winter.

Your mudroom can the your first line of defense when it comes to fighting dirt and snow covering your home’s floors. Follow the tips above to start preparing and protecting your floors for this winter’s snowy and muddy weather. If you need help cleaning, protecting, or purchasing new floors this winter season, call your #1 neighborhood flooring and cleaning company, On the Spot Floors at (804) 897-1620 or visit us at

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