Travertine Tile: Resurrecting An Ancient Regal Beauty

Not much is more earthy and primal than using all-natural products on your floors. Travertine tile is a product that has been milled for millennia. Getting the interior floors, patios, or other outdoor living spaces covered in this brilliant stone makes any home feel like a virtual palace.

What is Travertine?

The luxury and beauty of travertine was recognized as early as 3200 BC in many of the structures in ancient Egypt. It can also still be seen at locations like the Roman Colosseum in Rome, Italy. The unique qualities of internal design and texture give every project a one-of-a-kind look and feel. It is easy to cut and install using a variety of patterns. As an all-natural product, it’s considered an eco-friendly product and a great choice for your next flooring project.

Is Travertine a durable floor tile?

Travertine is considered one of the most durable tile materials available. Unlike the surface of a tile like marble, it has a natural non-skid texture that makes it easier to grip when coming in from snow or rain. It weathers extreme temperatures well and can handle heavy daily foot traffic. When cut it does have natural holes that have to be filled in, but the companies that mill the product choose a filler that will last many years.

Where are the best spaces for Travertine tile?

Travertine tile looks great anywhere you are considering placement in your home. It looks great in the kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room, entryways, sunroom, and dining room. You can expand the beauty to the outdoors as well. It makes a great tile product for patios, outdoor living spaces, and even as a surround for the pool. The individualized patterns to each tile give every space a different look. The tiles are placed close together and leave very little worry of hours spent cleaning grout.

The Dangers of Stains and Travertine

One drawback to the use of travertine tile in some areas is the porous nature of the material. It is subject to staining from certain foods and drinks. You can either skip placement in the kitchen or place small rugs in areas that are vulnerable to dropped food and spilled liquids. A quick clean up usually handles the mess before it has a chance to soak in and cause a stain. Keep a sponge handy and it should last for years with no stains.

Acid Sensitivity of Travertine

Travertine tile can be seriously damaged by the application of cleaners with acid or any other type of harsh chemical. It means you need to keep all of the lemon and orange cleaners far away from the travertine. It’s best to do your research well and only use cleaners that are designed specifically for travertine tile. It also means you should use care when drinking soda and juices over the surface. If these types of drinks are spilled, you may not have a stain but damage caused by the acid content.

Color Varieties of Natural Travertine

The natural coloration of travertine lends itself well to the use of flooring. You can expect choices that range from yellow to golden browns, greys, ivory, and beige. The soothing earth tones offer a comforting look and feel to any room. You can easily match a color to any of your interior or exterior decor. The patterns within the tile resemble that of marble but have a softer look. You will be pleased with the finished look of your renovated space.

Easy Care and Maintenance

You will be pleased with how easy the care and maintenance is for travertine tile. A simple daily sweep and dust mopping with plain water each day will keep it looking gorgeous. Use a cleaner specified for travertine tile for deep cleaning. You can also use a steam cleaner and it will not harm the surface. If you end up with a cracked or broken tile, simply change it out with a replacement. You should always purchase a few extra tiles and save them for future repairs. You are guaranteed the tile will match.

Why You Should Have Travertine Tile Sealed

To feel completely confident about not finding areas of chemical damage and stain, you should hire flooring professionals like On the Spot Floors to seal the surface. The process is fast and affordable, offering protection that lasts up to three years. The sealant product dries clear, which means you retain all the beauty of the travertine tile. You will also still have the non-skid surface of the natural stone.

Give us a call or come on by our On the Spot Floors showroom in Powhatan. You can see how beautiful travertine tile is up close, or peruse our complete selection of flooring tiles. We are happy to answer any of your questions about quality, cost, and help you find the product you can’t live without. Our flooring installation specialists can travel anywhere in the Richmond area to get your new floor installed fast! To schedule an appointment call (804) 897-1620 or send us a message.

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