Why Is Grout So Hard to Clean?

Tile is a favorite product in homes throughout the Richmond area because it is durable and one of the longest-lasting floor, counter, and wall coverings available. With the easy comes the difficult, which in this case is grout. Keeping grout clean can seem like an endless project that is physically draining. Below are a few ways to help make cleaning easier. Part of the trick is to clean smarter, not harder. The specialists at On the Spot Floors are available anytime to answer questions you have about your particular tile and grout product.

What is grout?

Grout is a material used to keep tiles in place for floors, walls, and counters. It is the line of hard substance seen between each tile. It has many similarities to mortar, but the aggregates used in the mix are not precisely alike. Although it is considered durable, it is prone to breakdown due to the porous nature. It is sold in many colors to match the chosen tile.

Attractive Nature of Grout

Running a finger over grout will show it has a slightly rough feel that is the perfect surface that allows dirt to cling. It retains a level of roughness even when sanded. Regular sweeping and mopping will still leave traces of dirt behind, wedged into the rough surface of the grout. Using a vacuum cleaner set on the lowest height will help when it comes to sweeping up a tiled floor. The suction of the vacuum will do a more thorough job than fibers of a broom. You will still have to target the grout for cleaning eventually.

Gradual Staining

The realization that your tile grout is stained and dingy never happens overnight. You begin to notice little by little that the floors, counters and bathroom tile refuses to shine as it did before. White grout will begin to turn grey or brown. Kitchen grout builds up grease that becomes airborne. Bathroom grout is the perfect home for soap scum and mild mold growth. The areas of discoloration can be varied, making it embarrassing to allow visitors to use your bathroom or step into the kitchen. The grout will have to be deep cleaned to bring back the natural coloration.

Avoid Harsh Cleaners

Highly-abrasive cleaners and certain chemicals can damage your grout. At the least, it can reduce the lifetime of the product. Use chemicals that are gentle enough to use directly on the tile. Many cleaning products exist on the market and are designed to clean tile and grout safely. You should not use products that contain high levels of chlorine bleach for long periods of time. Avoid powder abrasives. You can create your own safe abrasive by mixing a few drops of dishwashing liquid with baking soda. Create a paste, coat the surface and allow it to sit for a few minutes. Scrub with a soft-bristled brush. The rinsed results will be ultra clean.

Your Hero Is Hot Water

Hot water and steam can be your best friends in fighting the dirt that builds up on grout. The warmer the water is, the more grime you will remove with each round of cleaning. A portable steamer can also help break down the dirt. The problem is these can be awkward to use and present a specific level of safety concern around small children and pets. If you have a serious cleaning issue with grout, hiring an expert service is a better option.

Professional Cleaning

Using the skills and experience of tile and grout experts like On the Spot Floors for grout cleaning will guarantee the best results. You can rest assured they know the exact cleaners and process to use to remove every bit of built-up dirt and grime. Your tile grout will look bright and clean. Deep grout cleaning is one job you will be glad to have expert help in completing.

Grout Sealant

Once the grout is clean, you should consider a sealant product to help keep the grout clean. An expertly applied sealant will make it impossible for dirt and grime to collect on the surface of the grout. The sealant will last for three years or more. Imagine not having to get on hands and knees to scrub grout anymore. It will also preserve the integrity of the grout material from premature aging, cracking, and chipping free. This, in turn, protects the tile from loosening and breaking.

Dealing with dirty grout should never get you down. Help is only a phone call away! Call the experts at On the Spot Floors and get an estimate for grout cleaning and sealing today. We are happy to serve the entire Richmond area.

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