Why Is Rustic White Oak Flooring Gaining Popularity?

If you pay close attention to commercials and reality television shows, take note of the increasing number of wood floors that are light in color and feature a more dramatic wood grain. What is this interesting new trend? It is more than likely a product called rustic white oak and is increasingly installed in homes and businesses from coast to coast. It is typically in abundant supply and looks great with many types of decorative and design styles.

Older Home Restorations

Many people are beginning to opt for the purchase of an older home and restoring the property, rather than getting saddled with hefty new-construction loans in record numbers. It tends to be a more affordable option, especially for first-time buyers. The look of a rustic white oak floor in an older restored home is completely transformational. It is a flooring material that looks great, whether it was the original choice of flooring when the home was built or not.

The Perfect Material If You Are Tired of Dark Wood Floors

Wood floors that are installed correctly can look beautiful for decades. Many of the wood species used lend to a darker finished product after staining. White oak is one way to install a wood floor that retains a lighter finish. The rustic style offers a way to dramatically contrast your existing decor, or decorate using a lighter approach. It can reduce the amount of overhead lighting you need in rooms that are not directly located near windows and a natural light source. You get the same beautiful wood floor look in a brighter, lighter finish.

Bold Knots and Grains

White oak planks are notorious for larger, more pronounced knots and bolder, rich grains. The mix and swirl of the natural dark grains throughout the lighter wood provide an unusual finish that leaves you with a one-of-a-kind wood floor. The color combination and gentle swirl will bring attention to your beautiful new wood floor. The overall beauty of white oak has been lost to the popularity of more exotic wood species but is enjoying a sudden resurgence.

Natural Wider Plank Availability

Trying to score wood floor planks that are wider than four or five-inches can be aggravating if this is the look you are wanting. The availability of white oak allows for planks as wide as seven-inches and 13-inches long. Natural, large white oak trees are in large abundance and you can have these larger planks without worrying about a shortage, expensive price barriers, or having to settle for engineered products.

Receptive to Artificial Distressing

The hardwood quality that is white oak allows for artificial distressing that has a more natural appearance. The lighter wood coloring allows for the desired stain to deeply penetrate for a stunning visual effect. It is a great wood product for floors that are a replacement for original turn-of-the-19th-to-20th-century white oak flooring that was popular at that time. You now have the ability to get a bygone era look that has been virtually lost over time.

Rustic White Oak is a Kinder Surface for Pets

Another benefit of the hardened nature of white oak is the ability to survive pet accidents that are cleaned up within a reasonable amount of time. You can finally have a wood floor with pets and not feel a nervous anticipation when accidents happen. It is also the perfect flooring material for families with young children. Little spills are not such a big deal anymore.

The Results Are Brighter, Trendy, and Provide an Easy-to-Care-for Surface

Choosing a wood floor does not mean you have to settle for a dark finish, which seems to be a staple with more typical flooring materials. Rustic white oak is a product that will withstand years of heavy use with little needed in the way of repairs. Everyday care is as simple as damp mopping with a wood-safe product. You can step up your decorative style using one of the more trendy flooring products of the decade. If it is time to begin looking into a replacement wood floor, check out the beautiful results of a rustic white oak floor done well.

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