Why You Should Have Your Carpeting Professionally Cleaned

Carpet cleaning is one chore that many people put off until it’s time for a gathering at the homestead. It is one way to get the carpet really clean and smelling great, but it can also help extend the life of the carpeting. Below are a few great reasons to get your carpets professionally cleaned.

Keep Your Carpeting In Like-New Condition

Your carpet will last longer and look better with regular care. Along with minimizing spills and damage, you should seek professional carpet cleaning services at least once every year. Allowing dirt to stay deep down in the carpet will eventually lead to wear on the fibers and your carpeting will not last as long. Cleaner fibers stay looking like new and can take heavy foot traffic better.

Better Cleaning By Hiring Professional Equipment and Expertise

Bringing in our expert carpet cleaning team at On the Spot Floors means you will be getting your carpet as clean as it can possibly be. Our equipment is state-of-the-art and we have been tackling the worst stains and tracked-in dirt successfully for decades. Not only will we remove the dirt you can see, but our cleaning equipment and methods will reach the deepest dirt that has been ground in over time.

Reduce Chances of Permanent Stains On Your Carpets

No matter how careful you are, food and drinks can spill and cause stains on your carpet. Dirt can get drug in on the carpet that leaves stains that are difficult to remove. It’s important to have these stains removed as soon as possible to avoid permanent damage and discoloration. Don’t attempt to get them out yourself using harsh chemicals. It can damage your carpet fibers even more.

Healthier and Cleaner Feel to Your Home

You are missing out on a great experience if you have not had a professional carpet cleaning in a while. There’s something about a fresh, clean carpet that makes the whole room feel cleaner. It’s an affordable way to help get your house in order before big events like birthdays and the football season. We will clean the carpeting quick and you can feel good about inviting guests to your home.

Reduce Allergens In the Air You Breathe

The level of allergens in the air you breathe inside the home can be impacted by a carpet that has not been professionally cleaned for long periods of time. Lint, pet hair, pet dander, pollen, mold and other things that irritate the lungs can easily be brought into the home on your clothes and shoes. Once they find a home on your carpet, it’s possible to have them cycle and recycle through the air you breathe via the ducts and HVAC system.

Use Effective Environmentally Friendly Products

Our carpet cleaning services are as focused on using products that are safe for the environment as they are effective for cleaning. You can feel great about having an expert job done with cleaners that will not cause harm to your carpets, family, pets or the environment. It’s a positive way to care for your carpeting.

Perfect Solution for Indoor Pets

Pet owners love spending quality time when they are indoors. If this is a frequent scenario, you need to have your carpets cleaned professionally periodically to completely remove stains, odors, hair, and dander. The longer you put the project off, the riskier it is to have permanent staining from urine or have allergy symptoms that will not go away. It’s a healthy thing to do for you and your pets.

Save Time and Money On DIY Carpet Cleaning Equipment Rental

The hassle and expense of renting DIY carpet cleaning equipment are only surpassed by the complicated operation. It can be tough work for those that have never used this type of carpet cleaning machinery. You can avoid the time and work involved and confusion of mixing chemicals by hiring On the Spot Floors. You will get a thorough clean in a short amount of time. It’s all done at a price most budgets can afford. You will be impressed with the results every time.

Don’t put off the enjoyment of a clean carpet another day. You can call us at (804)897-1620 anywhere in the Richmond area and we will schedule a clean for as many rooms as you need. Stop by our showroom in Powhatan to view our selection of beautiful, durable carpeting and our wide variety of other flooring options. We look forward to helping you make a perfect choice!

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